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Mediation/Arbitration Pricing, & Policies

Effective Date June 1, 2021

Mediation & Arbitration Services are billed at the rate of $200.00 per hour per party* Rates and Cancellation/Postponement Fees for Federal & State Circuit Civil Cases *Fees stated apply unless otherwise specified in court order, agency order, agency rule or published panel/roster rate mandates a different rate, in which case that rate shall govern and supersede the rate specified above. Services Provided within 50 mile radius of Brandon, Florida (I-75 & State Route 60)

  • No charge for travel time
  • 3 hour per party Reserved – $600.00 (3 hr.) per party Minimum; $600.00 Late Cancellation/Postponement

Services Provided between 51 and 100 mile radius of Brandon, Florida (I-75 & State Route 60)

  • One hour travel time each way.
  • 3 hour Reserved – $600.00 (3 hr.) per party Minimum; $600.00 Late Cancellation/Postponement

Services Provided over 100 mile radius of Brandon, Florida (I-75 & State Route 60)**

  • Full day (8 hrs) Reserved – $1,600.00 per party; $1,600.00 Late Cancellation/Postponement

Rates and Cancellation/Postponement Fees for Federal Bankruptcy Residential Mortgage Modification Cases
Fees for two (2) hours of mediation in Bankruptcy Residential Mortgage Modification cases filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida shall be fixed at a flat rate of $350.00, which is to be paid equally by the parties prior to commencement of the mediation. If the parties agree to continue the mediation beyond two (2) hours, the fee for all time beyond the initial two (2) hours will be billed at a rate of $200.00 per hour.

Responsibility of Attorneys
In consideration of Mr. Kutcher setting aside time to mediate or arbitrate this dispute without requiring prepayment of fees and notwithstanding the fact that the attorney for each party is acting as the agent for a disclosed principal (i.e., the attorney’s client), it is agreed and understood that Paul L. Kutcher is retained by the attorneys representing the parties. Therefore, each attorney agrees to be fully responsible for the timely payment of their respective party’s pro-rata share of Mr. Kutcher’s fee.

Payment Terms
Unless alternate arrangements are made in writing at least seven (7) calendar days prior to mediation or arbitration, payment of Mr. Kutcher’s fees is due and shall be paid at the conclusion of the mediation or arbitration conference.

*Travel Expenses
Where travel expenses (i.e., air travel, car rental, meals and lodging) are required for Mr. Kutcher’s attendance at a mediation or arbitration conducted over 100 mile radius from Brandon, Florida (I-75 & State Route 60), such travel arrangements will be discussed and prepayment arrangements shall be made with the parties, at least 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled first day of mediation or arbitration.

Preparation Time (if applicable)
Review of any summaries and additional documentation requiring more than 15 minutes of Mr. Kutcher’s time to review prior to the mediation or arbitration will be billed to the party submitting the same at a rate of $200.00 per hour.

Cancellation Policy
There shall be no cancellation or postponement fee provided Paul L. Kutcher receives written notice of the cancellation or postponement of the scheduled mediation or arbitration conference at least seven (7) BUSINESS DAYS (intervening weekends or federal holidays excluded) PRIOR to the scheduled mediation conference. In the event such notice is not timely received by Mr. Kutcher, each party’s attorney will be billed for and agrees to pay their party’s pro-rata share of the cancellation or postponement fees stated above, together with any travel expenses already incurred by the mediator.

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